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The Importance of Pediatric Chiropractic Care We Don’t Hear Everyday

As adults, we are familiar with the benefits chiropractic care brings us. It can help lessen our stress and body pain, improve our sleep, and may even lower the risks of certain diseases. However, many are surprised that chiropractic care isn’t only for adults. These treatments can be done in babies and children, too!

It’s just as important to have your children checked by a chiropractor since they go through crucial times of rapid growth and development. You’re probably still left wondering – Why is pediatric chiropractic care important?

Read on to learn more about the benefits this service through Mobile Wellness Care offers for your little one.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Childhood is a slightly traumatic time as children are learning to crawl, walk, tumble, and run. They are always in a state of play and discovery, with children playing outdoors and exerting their minds and bodies in many activities.

A few trips and falls might not seem to cause extreme pain or discomfort, but they may result in shifts in the musculoskeletal system. This leads to subluxations and misalignments in the spinal nerves, which affect the nervous system.

And that’s where pediatric chiropractic care comes along, which involves treatments in realigning one’s neck, spine, and other parts of the body.


The Importance of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Now that you know what pediatric chiropractic care is, learn more about its benefits below:

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Promotes Better Health

Children with properly aligned spines and necks tend to have better posture and overall health.

Pediatric chiropractic care will not only help align one’s spine and neck. It will also help clear your child’s neural pathways, which help the nervous system perform excellently. This is crucial for healthy living!

Moreover, a chiropractor would have a full-body approach, making their treatments an excellent foundation for healthy eating, regular exercise, and a wholesome lifestyle in children.


May Help Treat Childhood Issues

There have been studies that show the efficacy of chiropractic care, including those in children. For instance, pediatric chiropractic care is proven effective in treating colic in babies.

Moreover, a chiropractic adjustment may help drain fluid from the ears of children who are sick with sinus congestion or earaches. For children with asthma, adjustments may help reduce any pinched or misaligned nerves that might affect the lungs, diaphragm, or bronchial tubes.


Helps with Breastfeeding

It’s a challenge for many babies to latch onto the breast when breastfeeding. This is likely because the child’s birthing process took a toll on their small bodies!

A chiropractor can help realign your baby’s neck, spine, and shoulders. This can help improve the feeding process so your little one can latch and feed more comfortably.


May Help with Sleeping

Parents know just how difficult it is to get their children to sleep. No one wants to stay up all night dealing with a sleepless child or crying baby, because you end up getting way less sleep yourself!

Sometimes, that poor sleep quality can be caused by a misaligned vertebra causing discomfort. Pediatric chiropractic care is a suitable solution and may help get your child to bed at appropriate times with fewer chances of them getting up or staying up too late.


Minimizes Risk of Injuries

Babies and toddlers have more flexible cones than adults. However, that doesn’t mean they cannot sustain any injuries!

One way you can prevent injury in your child is with regular pediatric chiropractic care to maintain supple joints and ligaments. Once your little one starts turning over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up, and walking, chiropractic treatments become more beneficial.

This is because chiropractors can help make the transition of growing phases smoother, which helps lessen the risks of injury.

Besides that, pediatric chiropractic care may help with certain injuries, like micro trauma from bumps and falls. Tripping and falling may sound like minor accidents, but they cause micro trauma, which may build up and lead to subluxations. Subluxations can increase the risk of long-term health issues.

When treating and correcting misalignments and subluxations, chiropractic care is the way to go. It will greatly benefit active children who play around all day or have physical sports.


Support the Immune System and Digestive Health

Pediatric chiropractic care can help boost your little one’s immune system. This can lessen the risk of colds and infections during flu season. When your child grows with stronger immunity, they can also fight off diseases and viruses that may enter the body.

Moreover, a chiropractor may help improve your child’s digestive health. Chiropractic procedures will help with acid reflux and constipation.


Improve Brain Development and Behavior

Pediatric chiropractic care can help your child’s neural brain development. This is because the right treatments can release pressure on your child’s spine, joints, and bones.

Increased brain development will help with your child’s concentration and focus while reducing hyperactivity. Moreover, pediatric chiropractic care may help children with ADHD and ADD. While studies are yet to be proven, they suggest that chiropractic care may be as effective as medication, if not more.

Besides brain development, pediatric chiropractic care can also improve your child’s behavior. With less pain and stress on their bodies, your child can live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Alleviating tense muscles and stress can improve one’s physical, mental, and emotional health in the long run!


Wrapping It Up

With all these benefits in mind, it’s crucial to have your child checked with their pediatrician before booking an appointment with a chiropractor. Their doctor will determine whether a chiropractor is a suitable solution to any issues your child has, or if it’s recommended to improve their overall health based on their examinations.

We hope that this article on pediatric chiropractic care helped you out! Now that you know more about the importance of chiropractic treatments for your little one, it’s time to find a professional.

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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

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