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Arizona Dog & Cat Chiropractic Adjustments

In short, YES animal chiropractic adjustments are a thing!  We know your dog is more than just a pet. They are your friend and a member of your family! Naturally, you want what is best for your pet.  Unfortunately, your dog is not the best in letting you know when it’s in pain.

Don’t Just Roll Over This Great Idea

No one wants to see their dog or pet in pain or struggling with loss of movement and day to day functioning. If you have ruled out other treatment options for your pet, animal chiropractic may be the alternative to medication or surgery you’ve been looking for!

Dog Chiropractic Adjustments

A Holistic Approach to Pet Health

The principle behind animal chiropractic treatment is the same as what is used on humans – a holistic approach. A common way both animal and human chiropractors treat the misalignment of the spine (vertebrae) is through manual adjustment and manipulation.

The Paws-itive Side

The adjustment of the spine, joints and other affected areas may help to improve overall function, performance and mobility for animals.  It can also help to alleviate some of your pets’ physical stress and pain!

Chiropractic Adjustments for Pets…. Really?

Chiropractic may be of particular interest to pet owners who may have experienced negative or unwanted side effects from more traditional treatments, or when surgery is not feasible.  Many dog owners who request chiropractic for their pets have already experienced its positive effects for themselves.  These positive results include reduced physical stress, strain, ability to move, and discomfort in their own body. Therefore, it is a natural desire to want the same benefits for your own family pets!

Anything is Paw-sible

According to The American Kennel Club  Canine Health Foundation (2013), Chiropractic restores and maintains good health by treating disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems without the use of drugs or surgery. Disorders or misalignments of the spine, known as subluxations, affect the nervous system, muscles, joints, organs, and body functions.

Let’s Raise the Woof

Animal chiropractic has become increasingly recognized as a popular solution for your pets.  It can aid in detecting, ease, and preventing the recurrence of conditions that limit or stop physical movement.  Chiropractic can also increase the overall good health of your pet!

How Pets Benefit From Adjustments

Chiropractic care is particularly useful for detecting and/or correcting an issue before symptoms even become apparent.

Adjustments help to address the cause of illnesses, effectively removing the source of the symptoms.  This can enable the body to heal itself naturally!

Chiropractic treatments for animals, particularly large ones like horses and dogs, have dated back to the 1900s.  However, veterinary chiropractic wasn’t formally founded until 1989 with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).

Give Your Pet a Treat They Will Love

Chiropractic is important for pets of all ages. These spinal adjustments are the most common chiropractic treatment for subluxations in humans and animals.  They involve manipulation of the affected joints and/or tissues.  The results are improved and/or restored mobility and function throughout the body. Who doesn’t want that for their pet?

Adjustments for Puppies

A puppy’s pelvis can be asymmetrical after birth, causing unequal weight distribution that can lead to severe lameness as the dog gets older.

pet chiropractic care

Adjustments for Adult Dogs

Joint restrictions and abnormal movement do not often display symptoms, yet they typically benefit from chiropractic adjustments.

With regular chiropractic, these symptoms can be detected and treated before they manifest in pain, abnormal movement, change of temperament, and/or other health conditions.

dogs benefit from chiropractic adjustments

Adjustments for Mature Dogs

Chiropractic can be particularly effective in treating arthritic pain and stiffness commonly found in older dogs.

mature dog chiro

“Chiropractic adjustments address the cause of illnesses, effectively removing the source of the symptoms and enabling the body to heal itself naturally.”

Signs Your Pet Needs to See a Chiropractor

  • Reduced mobility
  • Problems climbing stairs
  • Difficulty standing, sitting, or lying down
  • Unusual gait
  • Inability to jump
  • Sensitivity when touching
  • Weak front legs
  • Limping or dragging the back legs

Dogs with Mobility Issues

In Home Mobile Chiropractic may be able to help your pet with these mobility issues. We understand the importance of keeping your fur-baby happy and comfortable! By correcting joint dysfunction your pets’ pain will be reduced.  Also, behavior and day to day function may improve.   Lastly, abnormal gait can be corrected which may help prevent additional hip or arthritic problems down the road.

How to Tell if Your Dog Needs an Adjustment

Curious to if your dog needs an adjustment? Check out these simple exercises to screen for pain and discomfort in your dog.



  • Ask your dog to sit.
  • Sits straight – that’s great!
  • Your dog kicks out one leg or shifts their weight to one side – could be an indication of pain in their back, pelvis, hips or knees.


  • Ask your dog to sit.
  • Using a doggie treat, move the treat in your hand to each of your dogs’ shoulders.
  • Your dog simply turns from side to side – that’s great!
  • If your dog cannot, it could be a sign of neck pain.
dog exercise using treat

Spinal Posture

  • Observe your dogs’ posture
  • If their back appears straight – that’s great!
  • If their back appears roached, it may be a sign of back pain.
dog posture

Spinal Screening

  • Gently run your fingers along your dogs’ spine.
  • No muscle twitching – that’s great!
  • If their muscles twitch, this could be a sign of pain.
    dog spinal screening

    Get Your Dog Aligned Today

    If any test is positive, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with In Home Mobile Chiropractic. We can evaluate your pet and adjust any areas of pain and restriction.  Like you, we care are passionate about animals and want your pet to be as happy and healthy as soon as physically possible!

    Dogs naturally desire physical activity and freedom. Chiropractic is optimal in keeping dogs physically active in unique ways that can benefit most dogs throughout their lifespan.

    Don’t Pug-get About It

    Chiropractic treatment can positively impact a host of health issues. However, it is important to note that this type of therapy may not be suitable for every dog.  It is also not a substitute for veterinary care. Every dog, just like every person, is an individual.  Some dogs are not responsive to these therapies. So, before your family pet undergoes chiropractic treatment, consult your veterinarian.

    Don’t Stop Retrieving – Fetch Your Veterinarian First

    A veterinarian can access your pets medical history and information like medications, surgeries  and x-rays. This coordinated effort helps to ensure holistically safe care for your pet. Chiropractic and traditional veterinary care are a great combination in the overall health and happiness of your family pet.

    It’s the Leashed We Can Do!

    Chiropractic care is a family affair – our reduced rates (starting as low as $29 per adjustment) include both humans and pets!  If you notice your pet isn’t moving the way it used to, give In Home Mobile Chiropractic a call or easily book your appointment online. Either way, our licensed chiropractor can assess the best option for your pet.

      Happy dog with family after adjustment

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