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The Benefits of Chiropractic for Teenagers

Looking for a natural, pain-free solution that will benefit your teen if they are experiencing back or neck pain? This article will help provide a natural alternative to several of the common physical ailments that teenagers experience.

Whether you’re a teenager or the parent of one, you  know how much this age group goes through. Whether it is emotionally, physically, or socially, teenagers’ minds and bodies undergo a lot of changes and stress during this time of their lives. From the pain associated with growth and puberty, to stress from school, relationships and sports, many things can take a toll on their health.

While these are all normal to go through, these stresses can have long-lasting negative effects, including spinal pain, and injuries. Such injuries and pain can be caused by carrying heavy backpacks, poor posture associated with long hours sitting in desks and looking on their phones, and participating in sports among other things. That is why it is a great idea for your teenager to see a chiropractor with Mobile Wellness Care for proper care.

But what exactly are the benefits of chiropractic care for teenagers? Read on to find out!

The Benefits of Chiropractors for Teenagers

When it comes to chiropractic care, many people only think of it as being beneficial for adults. While that’s true, others can benefit from regular chiropractic care as well, including babies, children, teenagers, seniors, and even animals. It’s an excellent healthcare solution for teenagers for the following:


Chiropractic Can Help to Manage Pain Safely

Carrying backpacks doesn't cause back pain in children and teenagers

Most people will experience significant growth spurts from 13-19 years old. Unfortunately, these growth periods aren’t always balanced, with some parts of the body growing faster than others, which can cause stress to the spine and other joints of the body. As a result, your teen can experience aches and discomforts that we call “growing pains.”

In addition to growing pains, teenagers can experience significant pain from poor posture and injuries from work, sports, and other recreational activities.  These aches and pains are often treated with pain medication prescribed by a doctor. Medication may be a good solution in certain situations, but some risks come with it, including addiction. One of the benefits of chiropractic for teenagers is that it is a safe alternative pain management strategy without the risks of surgery or dependence on medication.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help with proper spinal alignment, reduced pressure on the nervous system, better sleep and the management of pain effectively. All these are crucial for growing bodies!


Counteract “Text Neck” That Teenagers Are Experiencing

Text Neck: When Your Phone Causes Physical Pain

All parents understand what text neck is! When their teen isn’t in class, on a sports field, or eating with family, they are most likely looking at their phone. Teens can spend hours a day on their phones, which can cause text neck from straining their necks forward and down to look at their screens.

Teens can also experience the pain that comes from poor posture due to sitting too much, slouching, or carrying heavy backpacks.

Chiropractic care can help through spinal adjustments, which help realign the spine and address any imbalance caused by poor posture. As a result, one can experience reduced pain and strain on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Additionally, chiropractors can give your teen advice on what to do to improve their posture to lessen the effects of text neck in the long run.


Help Teens with Healing or Recovery

We want to protect our children as much as possible, but accidents happen and teenagers will get hurt. Injuries can happen from sports, horsing around with friends, or mindless accidents.

The Benefits of Sports for Teens

When such accidents and injuries happen, chiropractic care can help. Regular adjustments ensure proper spinal alignment and the functioning of the nervous system. With the nervous system functioning optimally, the body can heal faster and more completely. This is why it’s recommended to begin spinal adjustments as a preventative measure and to make them a part of your teenagers regular health routine.

Encourage Healthy Habits for Teens

In addition to discussing proper posture, chiropractors can also provide advice regarding your teen’s sleep, nutrition, and exercise. They are a great resource of information about how teens can stay healthy. Because chiropractic care is a holistic approach to great health, chiropractors will encourage proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress relief.

By bringing your teen to the chiropractor, you can set them up to develop and maintain great health habits that will benefit them throughout their adult years too.


Boost Growth and Development

Chiropractic care for teenagers can help reduce back pain and boost your teen’s growth and development. This is important for teenagers as their growth is at its peak.


Strengthen the Back Muscles

While teenagers are growing and developing, it’s crucial to keep their backs strong as well as straight. However, they are at risk of a weaker back as they are spending hours a day sitting, slouching and carrying heavy loads on their back.  This can leave them more prone to injury while playing sports or doing other recreational activities. Having their back aligned properly will not only prevent injury, but it will improve performance by increasing back strength, balance, and range of motion.  Another one of the great benefits of chiropractic for teenagers.


Help with Mental Wellbeing

Stress In America Survey Shows Teen More Stressed Than Adults | Time

That’s right, chiropractic care doesn’t only benefit physical health, but mental health as well! Some of the causes behind body pain are stress, whether it be from home, school, or their social network.  Stress from each of these issues can lead to depression and negative feelings.

With chiropractic care, you can help your teenager relieve stress and pressure, which can calm them down and leave them in a better mood.

Wrapping It Up

If your teenager begins to complain about chronic body pain, it’s time to consult a reputable chiropractor as soon as possible. Chiropractors won’t only help relieve any back or neck pain but guide your teen to a healthier lifestyle that aids in their growth and development. When starting chiropractic care at a young age, you can help ensure your teen will grow up with less pain and stress, and develop healthy habits for a longer and more productive life.

Hopefully, this article on the benefits of chiropractic for teenagers was helpful! Now that you know more about what chiropractic care entails, you might want to consider booking an appointment with one soon. Contact us now to learn more about our services and schedule your first consultation for you and your teenager!

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