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How to Prepare for Your First Chiropractic Appointment

First appointments to anything can feel a bit scary and intimidating. After all, you wouldn’t know exactly what to expect until the treatment is done! Whether it’s a dentist, doctor, or manicure appointment, you might find it a tad uncomfortable at first. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your first chiropractic appointment with Mobile Wellness Care.

Issues You Must Discuss with Your Chiropractor

Facts and Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your First Chiropractic Appointment

You might have already Googled what to expect on your first chiropractic appointment, along with what the spinal adjustments and other treatments look like. You might have even come across myths and half-truths about what chiropractors do, which can be scary.

It’s time to stop checking these out and prepare for your first appointment accordingly with these facts and helpful tips:


Ready Your Documents Before an Appointment

Just like visiting any other doctor, you must always have any medical documents ready as your chiropractor will ask about your medical history.

You’re likely heading to a chiropractor because of an injury or medical concern, which is why you should get a proper diagnosis. This is where your documents come along, including your full medical history, scans, and past records that can help.

Besides this, you may want to check with your insurance to see if they provide coverage for your chiropractor.


Mobile Appointments Provide On Time Arrivals 

Just like any other medical visit, you’ll have to complete some paperwork. In Home Mobile Chiropractics’ forms are simple to fill out and should be completed and submitted online before your appointment time.

Simply wait in the comfort of your home or office until your scheduled appointment time.  With mobile chiropractic, gone are the days of unanticipated traffic or unforeseen events.  We do; however, request for you to call right away if you’re running late or will need to reschedule.

mobile chiropractic comes to you

Dress Comfortably

During your chiropractic appointment, you will need to move around in various positions for a physical examination and during the treatment itself.

Some sessions may even require you to remove your clothes as imaging scans need to be done, like X-rays. Expect to be lying down, twisting around, resting on your side, and more.

That’s why it’s crucial to dress comfortably. We’re not asking you to wear pajamas, but to wear something loose and breathable. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothing that restricts your range of motion and restricts your breathing.

For women, opt for comfortable shoes as well, like flats or slippers. Avoid high heels as this can affect any foot diagnosis. Many women say that wearing loose-fitting athletic clothing and a sports bra is comfortable.

As for men, avoid wearing dress shoes, belts, and office shirts. Opt for clothing you feel great in, like loose-fitting athletic clothing or sweatpants and t-shirts.

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Communicate and Ask Questions

Your chiropractor isn’t a mind reader and they won’t be able to pinpoint the pain or problem unless you state it. During your first appointment, you may not receive any treatment yet, but you may have a physical exam and discuss any issues you have with your body.

This is your chance to discuss your problem in-depth, being as open and transparent as possible. That way, you can get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Besides that, make sure you are honest with your lifestyle and answer all the questions the chiropractor asks. It may sound intrusive at first, but they are actually helpful in getting a diagnosis and getting to the root of the problem.

Never be ashamed to tell your chiropractor the truth. The chiropractor has probably heard every story, so yours will be no different and there will be no judgment.

Discuss any pain you feel, how it started and when, as well as any medication you take to help with the problem.

Besides that, don’t be shy to ask the chiropractor any questions! You may want to ask about his experience, the treatment he plans to give, and what else to expect during your next sessions. A good chiropractor will answer all your questions confidently, reassuring you that things will be fine and you can reap the benefits chiropractic treatments offer.


Enjoy Some Perks

A great benefit of chiropractic treatments is how some chiropractors also offer a short massage after the treatment. This is sometimes done after an adjustment to see if the range of motion can be improved or to alleviate any pain around certain body parts.

Regardless, don’t be surprised when your chiropractor gives a relaxing massage, and enjoy it! It’s a great way to destress and massages have their own benefits, too.


Prepare for the Chiropractic Adjustment

If your chiropractor will perform an adjustment during your first meeting, then be ready! Don’t be scared and tense up, this is a crucial time for you to relax your body and let the chiropractor do their work.

Adjustments don’t hurt and afterward, you’ll feel so good and be excited about your next appointment. If you hear any cracking or popping noises from your body, this is just trapped air released from your discs and joints, it’s nothing to worry about and you didn’t break any bones!

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Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, these tips on how to prepare for your first chiropractic appointment helped you out! If you’re still looking for a reputable chiropractor that suits your needs, contact us now. We offer mobile chiropractic services to help treat your body pain.

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