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Experiencing Neck Pain?

Ever wake up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed thanks to a stiff neck? It’s a horrible thing to endure after a good night’s sleep, especially if you were hoping to feel happy and energized for the day ahead. Well, you aren’t alone! Many people have also experienced the same thing, and it’s not pretty.  Chiropractic adjustments with Mobile Wellness Care can provide conservative techniques that may help your neck pain.

Neck pain comes in several forms.  It may can come from sleeping in a weird position, overexercise, or straining your neck during work without even knowing. Whatever the cause, neck pain isn’t a joke, which is why a visit to the chiropractor may help. Learn how a chiropractic adjustment will help the kink in your neck here!


What is Neck Pain?

Our cervical spines support the head and are what allow our necks to move in various directions. This part of your body is susceptible to injury as it has a large range of motion and has the smallest of the vertebrae in the spine.  As a result of strain or injury, we can experience what we call a kink in the neck.

Neck pain, headaches, or even shoulder pain can come from weak muscle structure or poor posture. It is a common problem if you are sitting at a desk much of  your day.

Chiropractic Adjustment Will Help the Kink in Your Neck

How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help With Neck Pain

Chiropractors offer non-surgical treatments to help reduce back and neck pain, as well as other related symptoms or body pain. They can treat various kinds of neck conditions, including:

  • Facet joint sprain
  • Whiplash
  • Degenerative joint syndrome of necks
  • Cervical sprain injuries
  • Cervical intervertebral disc injuries where surgery isn’t required

They can also treat neck pain caused by:

  • Muscle strain
  • Worn joints
  • Injuries
  • Bone spurs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated discs
  • Osteoarthritis

Chiropractic neck adjustments, also known as cervical manipulations, can help with neck pain. This treatment loosens up joints located in the neck’s cervical vertebrae, reducing the pain caused by strains, muscle spasms, pinched nerves and other factors.

Using their hands or an instrument, chiropractors manipulate your neck, placing its parts back into proper alignment. This combats the negative effects of poor posture.

Pinched Nerves

There are times when neck pain is in more than one area and the discomfort may come from pinched nerves in the shoulders and arm. Chiropractors can readjust these parts of the body as well. They will reposition your bones, relax your muscles, as well as reduce pressure on the nerves.

Chiropractic care has shown promise, with research showing its effectiveness. For instance, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics published a literature review that reviewed 9 published trials.  Each of these trials found high-quality evidence that patients experiencing chronic neck pain had significant improvement after a chiropractic adjustment.  Not only that, participants were still experiencing positive changes for up to 12 weeks after the treatment.


Chiropractic Adjustment Will Help the Kink in Your Neck

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe For Neck Pain?

You might be wondering: Is this safe?

Yes, it is! As long as you choose a licensed and reputable chiropractor, they will safely perform the appropriate spinal adjustments to the affected areas of your body. In fact, routine chiropractic care is a safe, non-addictive, and non-invasive option compared to medications and other medical procedures that help with pain and swelling.

Chiropractic adjustments will reduce any misalignments or restrictions of the spine and joints, reducing inflammation. As a result, you experience better function in your nervous system and the affected joints, so your body can better manage any neck pain or discomfort.

Here are some of the common chiropractic techniques done to help with neck pain, besides spinal manipulation:

  • Cervical mobilization
  • Cervical manual traction
  • Cervical drop techniques
  • Manual joint stretching and resistant techniques
  • Trigger point therapy
  • And many more!

The technique your chiropractor chooses to perform on you will depend on various factors, which is why a consultation is important.

Movement and Stretches

Besides chiropractic care, you will also need to perform self-therapy outside your sessions. Your chiropractor may prescribe the following:

  • Stretches: Certain muscles are linked to pain in your neck and upper back. You’ll need to do stretches daily to improve range of motion and decrease the pain.
  • Strengthen muscles: Simple exercises can relieve neck pain, like chin tucks. They strengthen your deep neck muscles, which prevent higher risk of injury.
  • Continue moving: We shouldn’t remain in one stagnant position for hours on end, whether we’re standing or sitting. If you are always in one position throughout your day, then make sure that you take breaks where you move around and stretch.


When to See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

It’s a good idea to see your chiropractor whenever you experience any form of spine or joint pain, including neck pain.  Actually, it’s recommended to go to a chiropractor even before pain happens, especially when you sit at a desk long hours, have an intense job that includes heavy lifting or awkward body positioning, or train as an athlete.  Chiropractic adjustments can fix problems before they cause pain!

Depending on your pain level and situation, chiropractic treatment plans will vary. Those who have experienced injuries or have conditions like arthritis will require long-term care. On the other hand, those who have neck pain due to pinched nerves or poor posture can find relief after short-term care or monthly maintenance adjustments.

To better understand your particular chiropractic needs to lessen neck pain, you can talk with your chiropractor. He can run the appropriate tests and ask about your medical history to determine what treatments you’ll need and how long you will need it for.

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Wrapping It Up

Chiropractic care is beneficial for those who experience neck pain, whether it’s a kink in the neck or pain caused by poor posture or other injuries. However, there are rare cases that neck pain may be something serious. Let your chiropractor know if you also experience other symptoms besides neck pain, such as severe headaches, numbness, loss of balance, shooting pain or loss of strength in the shoulders, arms, or hands.

If you experience typical neck pain from your lifestyle, do talk with a chiropractor today and book an appointment.  See what they can do for your overall pain and well-being for the long run! Good luck and stay healthy.

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