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Brain Food For Chiropractic Health

At In Home Mobile Chiropractic, we believe that food is medicine. It helps heighten your energy levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and even improve how your brain functions.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish or in a fog, try incorporating some of these nutritional tips for better brain power throughout the day.

brain food kale smoothie

Brain Food Breakfasts

Chocolate for breakfast can’t be good…can it? Actually, yes. Raw cacao is great for your brain in the morning, helping to wake it up by increasing blood flow to the area. You can add raw cacao to morning protein pancakes, smoothies and oatmeal.

breakfast for the brain

Brain Food Lunches

Greens and reds are ideal for lunch—that is, leafy green veggies like kale, spinach and ripe avocados as well as red peppers and beans. How can you incorporate these foods into one healthy lunch? Throw them all into a salad with your favorite dressing.

Leafy greens contain an incredible amount of fiber, which has recently been linked to a lower risk of dementia. Red peppers contain capsaicin, responsible for its red pigment, which may also reduce depressive symptoms.

lunch brain food

Brain Food Dinners

Feeling fishy? Good! Quality seafood like wild salmon and tuna are great sources of protein and Omega-3s, which not only decrease stress but can also improve your mood. Salmon and tuna make excellent main courses, and can be paired with other healthy foods like roasted potatoes, carrots, grilled veggies and more.

dinner brain food

Additional Brain Food

Tired of the same meals day in and day out?  Try these editor approved recipes that are quick, easy and hit all the super food groups for your brain!

Nourish Your Spine with Healthy Foods

Healthy foods will help keep your spine well. As a general rule, your diet should consist mostly of foods that would spoil if left sitting out and unrefrigerated; things like veggies, grass-fed meats, and fruits. Another good rule to follow is if your great-great-grandmother would not recognize the food you eat, you may not want to eat it!  Instead, focus on foods high in calcium.  These are great for preventing common conditions like osteoporosis. Hydration is also key!

When you resolve to choose a healthy lifestyle, think long-term. Instead of a quick-fix, plan on forming new habits. Plan on a new way of eating and moving that you intend to do for the rest of your life.

We see this in our practice. Many people see their chiropractic care as a short-term “diet” of sorts. They come in religiously when they’re hurting. But discontinue their care when they’re feeling better.

Not surprisingly, later, they experience a return of their original problem.

That’s because your body makes lasting spinal changes with continued care after symptoms subside. In fact, in many cases, because of so many years of neglect, a full correction isn’t possible. Instead, some type of ongoing supportive care is needed. Kind of like brushing and flossing for the rest of your life. It’s a lifestyle choice.

So rather than a brief episode, getting and keeping our nervous systems interference-free is a lifestyle choice. That’s why we have more and more patients at Mobile Wellness Care who opt to see us on a monthly or twice-monthly basis. They’re the ones that tried the chiropractic “quick-fix” a couple of times but decided that the chiropractic lifestyle was the healthier long-term solution for overall brain and spine health.

When you have a healthy spine, you have a healthy brain.  Feel like your brain needs an extra boost that goes beyond food? We can help. Contact us to book an appointment for a focused, gentle adjustment.

Nourish your spine with healthy foods

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